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  Do you like to travel and learn about women's history and their contributions to the world? If so, this website may be just right for you!
  Here you will find helpful travel ideas, places to visit and explore in Europe and England, interesting books to read, life stories, and hands-on activities focusing entirely on women.
   As a professional I have been employed in the arts and science as an educator, designer, researcher, and writer.  For this website I have personally visited the sites and taken the photos, read and reviewed the books, and designed and made the projects.  I hope you find the website helpful and informative.
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The Cemetery of Dogs and Other Domestic Animals is beyond unique.  A peaceful little island, in the middle of the Siene River, it is the last resting place for many a pet and shows the undying bond between humans and their animal friends. There are some huge monuments and many small tombstones that mark the graves of a variety of animals even a lion, the companion of the French feminist Margaret Durand, one of the founders of the cemetery.  Well known pets, like canine film star Rin Tin Tin who was born in France, is buried here.  Parisians often visit their pets' grave and leave tokens of their love. My time here was a tearful reminder to me of how much I still miss my doggie Orion.   
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