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  Do you like to travel and learn about women's history and their contributions to the world? If so, this website may be just right for you!
  Here you will find helpful travel ideas, places to visit and explore in Europe and England, interesting books to read, life stories, and hands-on activities focusing entirely on women.
   As a professional I have been employed in the arts and science as an educator, designer, researcher, and writer.  For this website I have personally visited the sites and taken the photos, read and reviewed the books, and designed and made the projects.  I hope you find the website helpful and informative.
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Tucked away in a side street behind Luxembourg Garden is the modernistic home and  studio of Ossip Zadkine and his wife Valentine Prax.  Opened in 1982 as a free museum owned by the city of Paris the facility has an extensive collection of Zadkine's work.  For the duration of their marriage it was a work space for both Zadkine and Prax.  Zadkine focused mainly on sculpture while Prax primarily painted with oils.  Many of Zadkine's sculptures are on display in  the buildings and garden.  The interior garden has some of Zadkine's most enchanting sculptures.  Sadly, Prax's work is rarely on display except during special exhibitions.  None the less, this museum is worth a visit.   Better yet..it is FREE! 
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